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Improvement: deleted products handling

Product Changes

By default WiseXML exports only products, that have been present in suppliers products feeds for ...

Uploading exported products to FTP server

Product exports

You can set WiseXML profile to put generated CSV, XML or JSON file to your FTP server. See this ...

What is duplicates_data (product alternatives) attribute?


If you have more than one data source (product suppliers), there is a chance that multiple suppli...

How Shopify upload and update works


Creation of new products Our Shopify connector app creates about ~500 new products per hour. The...

Shopify import limits


SKU Limit Shopify is an eCommerce platforms which is easy to get started. However, because it is...

WooCommerce Connector installation


WooCommerce connector supports product download and upload. This article explains how plugin conf...

What is an on-boarding call?

Learn the Basics

Before you start using WiseXML app we can make an on-boarding call to guide you through the syste...

Shopify category mapping


WiseXML Shopify Connector app can add products to desired collections. The procedure is standard,...

Uploading products to FTP

Using WiseXML Export profiles

Use this option if you want to export products data and upload it to your FTP account. Open your...

Export results - product log files

Using WiseXML Export profiles

When editing an export profile you will see a tab "Export results". No matter if you are using a ...

Rules Builder

Using WiseXML

Rules builder is one of our key features to make large data catalog manageable. It is used in mul...

How repricing works

Using WiseXML Product repricing

In this article we will describe how product price adjustments work in WiseXML app. WiseXML can ...

What is a Supplier?


WiseXML allows you to import products not only from your eCommerce store but also directly from o...

How to cancel my WiseXML subscription?

General FAQ

Please email us to and we will cancel your subscription and/ or delete your p...

What is Export Profile?


Export profile is an integration of WiseXML with any of your data export channels. For example, a...

What is XML?


Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding do...

What is a Data Feed?


A product data feed is a way of sending structured, current, machine readable and up-to-date prod...

How can I change my company name and VAT number?

Invoicing FAQ

Use the Profile context menu in the top right corner: and make c...

How can I change e-mail address where I receive invoices?

Invoicing FAQ

Once you login to your account, click "Profile" link to top right corner. You can find two input...

Importing Tags to your WooCommerce


WiseXML WooCommerce connector has the functionality to add tags to your product in the WooCommerc...