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Getting Started

Learn how our system works

Attribute Mapping

Using WiseXML Data Mapping

By default, WiseXML maps main product information like brand, manufacturer, price, stock level et...

What can WiseXML do for you?

Learn the Basics

WiseXML is a product feed automation and products catalog management tool. You can import product...

What is the pricing model of WiseXML?

Learn the Basics

WiseXML is a SaaS platform and is hosted on our servers. We improve it constantly and support our...

How do I reset my password?

Users & Accounts

If you already have an account with WiseXML, here are a few steps to reset it: Navigate to htt...

How do I edit my user information?

Users & Accounts

After you log in to your account - click on your username on the top right corner. Select "Profil...

What is the minimum length of a subscription?

Users & Accounts

The minimum length of a subscription is one month. You pay per month and can quit at any time. Pl...

Why do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Learn the Basics

WiseXML is provided to you as a service (SaaS). Our servers host your products information and au...

Using price adjustment formulas

Using WiseXML Product repricing

Repricer rules are usefull when you want to add price mark-up or make discount. Below we will giv...

Manufacturer / Vendor Mapping

Using WiseXML Data Mapping

Manufacturer mapping is needed when you have more than one data supplier. Different suppliers som...

Category Mapping

Using WiseXML Data Mapping

Same as with product brands, category mapping is needed to standardize your products catalogue. T...

Product repricing

Using WiseXML

See how to add product price markup or apply discount based on various conditions.

General Settings

Using WiseXML Export profiles

Preferences Once you open an export profile you will see the first tab "Preferences". This is wh...

Product Filter

Using WiseXML Export profiles

Export profile tab "Filter" is used for configuring product rules. Here you can describe which pr...

Export Data Template

Using WiseXML Export profiles

If you are exporting an XML, CSV or JSON file, this is where you would form this file and make th...

Dynamic Attributes

Using WiseXML

Create custom attributes and assign values based on specific conditions. Lets take an example of ...

How do imports work?

Product Imports

Before we can export any products, we need to import them in our system. Only then product inform...

How do I import my products?

Product Imports

There are few ways how product import can be made. XML, CSV or JSON product feed This method is...

Which fields do I need in my own import file?

Product Imports

The easiest way for importing products feed data into WiseXML is by CSV, XML or JSON format files...

Product Data Preview

Using WiseXML

Shows originally imported products from your data source (your eCommerce platform or supplier). T...

Debugging product prices

How To

There a few positions which need to be checked. Read this article first to understand how product...

Export profiles

Using WiseXML

This is where you set which products and how they are exported to your sales channel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Product exports

See how WiseXML exports products in different formats, to Marketplaces, E-commerce platforms pric...

Setup & Tools

Learn how to use our system and get most of it


See how WiseXML integrates with e-commerce and other platforms

How To

Learn the Basics

Learn the basics to help you make the most of WiseXML.

Users & Accounts

How to update your profile, reset password etc.

Product Changes

WiseXML updates and improvements.

Product Imports

See how products are imported into WiseXML.

Using WiseXML

WiseXML products catalog management tools described in detail. This is after you have imported yo...

General FAQ

Data Mapping

Using WiseXML

Everything about attributes mapping: categories, manufacturers and product data.

Invoicing FAQ

WiseXML billing and invoicing frequently asked questions.



Upload and download products from Shopify. We stopped offering product import to Shopify for new ...


Upload and download products from your PrestaShop store.


Upload and download products from WordPress WooCommerce


Upload and download products from OpenCart

User FAQ

Main tools usage of the WiseXML frequently asked questions.

Magento 2

Download products from Magento 2

Downloading products and images

Product exports

This is the most popular way of exporting products and data from WiseXML. You can access your exp...