WooCommerce categories mapping

To map the product categories you will have to create your categories list in the WooCommerce plugin.

Step 1. Create your Category list in Woocommerce

First, you need to create categories in WooCommerce. Go to Products → Categories and click "Add new category".


Before you start - review this article to understand how category mapping in WiseXML works.

Step 2. Get WooCommerce Category ID

Once you created your categories, you'll need to map them with the categories in WiseXML. You can find a Category ID in the WooCommerce  URL. In Products → Categories and open a category. See the URL, which holds the category ID (in this example, ID is 16):


Step 4. Create Categories in WiseXML

Open WiseXML connector  https://app.wisexml.com

Navigate to Data mapping → Category mapper → My categories and click "Add Category". A pop-up will open with two fields:

ID - enter the Category ID we copied in Step 1 ("16" in our case)
Label - the name of the Category (it can be the same as the Category name in Woocommerce.


You can repeat these steps multiple times for all categories. Or first create all categories in WooCommerce and then recreate them in WiseXML.

Step 5. Map supplier categories in WiseXML

Navigate to Data mapping → Category mapper → Supplier categories and map your newly created category with the supplier's category.


Repeat the steps above to map all your products' categories.

If you are not sure how the categories mapping works get in touch and we will help you! Contact us at support@wisexml.com