Shopify import limits

SKU Limit

Shopify is an eCommerce platforms which is easy to get started. However, because it is a SaaS service, it has some limitations which are imposed by the platform.

Limitations impact how many products we can create and update in certain period of time. You can read more about API limits in this Shopify article. Limits are less restrictive if you use a "Shopify Plus" plan.

Limitations affect multiple areas. In short, the main are:

  • Maximum of 100 000 stock & price updates / day
  • Maximum of 1000 new products after you have 50 000 products in your store
Limits after you've reached 50 000 SKUs in your store

If you are not running on Shopify Plus and have more than 50 000 products and variants in your shop, Shopify will allow to create 1000 new products per day.

Limitations also mean that you can not upload more than 50 000 simple (no variants) products into your store per day. This is because each simple product is one variant. The limitation does not affect updates, only uploads of new products and variants creating.

How to deal with it?

We recommend selecting products you really want to sell and do not reach 50 000. Quantity is not always quality. However, if you do not have a Shopify Plus plan but you have many products with variants (size / color), our advise is to upload only one or a few categories per day into your store (use products filter in the export profile). This way you would not reach the 1000 variants upload limit after reaching 50 000 SKUs.

If you have questions regarding product uploads and updates, along with choosing the right supplier and considering this limitation on Shopify’s side, contact our support team here:

Image Upload Limits

Images uploaded to Shopify can't exceed either of the following limits:

  • 20 megapixels
  • 20 megabytes

As WiseXML does not process (convert or resize) images, there might be a some cases when we are not able to upload large files. Possible solution would be to ask a supplier to provide "web friendly" images with smaller Mb or MP.