Shopify category mapping

WiseXML Shopify Connector app can add products to desired collections. The procedure is standard, except for Category ID we set a Shopify Collection ID.

Before you start - review this article to understand how category mapping in WiseXML works. If you do not want to assign products to manual collections, you might choose to use Tags. See this article how to use Categories as Tags.

Step 1. Get Shopify Collection ID

You can find Collection ID in the URL.  After you open your Shopify account and open your colleciton, see the last parameter in the URL. For example - - the last parameter is the Collection ID.

Step 2. Create Category in WiseXML

Navigate to Data mapping → Category mapper → My categories and click "Add Catgory". A pop-up will open with two fields:

  • ID - enter the Collection ID we copied in Step 1
  • Label - name of the Category (it can be the same as the Collection name in Shopify)
Step 3. Map supplier categories

Navigate to Data mapping → Category mapper → Supplier categories and map your newly created categories with supplier's categories.

Repeat the steps above for all desired collections.

Step 4. Export profile


Insert info above to the export profile template. 

WiseXML Connector only assigns products to manual collections. Read more about manual collections on Shopify page: