Error: Connection timed out after 120000 milliseconds

When opening module configuration page, you might bet a red warning with WiseXML API Error... "Connection timed out after 120000 milliseconds". This means, that when your website tried to validate the API Access Token, but did not get a reply from the server after 12 seconds. Usually this happens when:

  • You do not have CURL extension installed on your server
  • Your hosting provider is blocking API calls to
  • Our servers are blocking your IP address

Possible solution: contact your hosting provide to make sure that your server can access For example, this URL should return:

{"error":"access_denied","error_description":"OAuth2 authentication required"}
Slow import with big amount of products

WiseXML Connector module uses product reference to determine which product is which. If you have a large database of products (f.e. 50000+ products), adding Index on "reference" column could speed up import/update. This would speed up batch imports.

You can add index to "reference" column by running this SQL:

ALTER TABLE `ps_product` ADD INDEX(`reference`);
ALTER TABLE `ps_wisexml_queue` ADD INDEX(`id_task`);

Please note that "ps_product" and "ps_wisexml_queue" tables can be named differently in your DB.

Task is stuck at certain % and no products are being updated / imported

There could be various reasons for this. First place to look would be task actions log or your server logs. Most common problems:

  • Allowed memory issue. Solution: add -d memory_limit=2048M  parameter to your CRON command (2048M can be smaller or higher)
  • Server ran out of disk space
  • Other technical problems
Error: Allowed memory size

Your Heartbeat command returns similar error:

PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in ....

Most of the time this happens when Heartbeat tries to create a product and it runs out of memory. Chances are higher to get this error when not you are importing products with variations and your supplier provides high resolution images.

A solution for this would be to add extra parameter for your Heartbeat CRON command, so it would look like:

php -d memory_limit=2048M bin/console wisexml:heartbeat --no-debug

Note the parameter -d memory_limit=2048M.

HTTP Type Heartbeat (CRON) not working

If you are using HTTP type CRON, there could be multiple reasons. We first recommend checking the output but putting the CRON URL into your browser (use incognito window).

Look for the URL in your WiseXML module configuration page in PrestaShop. It will look similar to this:

This way you will "trigger" heartbeat manually. If your heartbeat was logged, then it must be the server settings. You can consult your hosting provider how to correctly set up CRON on your server.

Tip: if you have maintenance mode enabled in your PrestaShop - make sure you exclude your server IP address in Shop Parameters → General → Maintenance → Maintenance IP