What can WiseXML do for you?

WiseXML is a product feed automation and products catalog management tool. You can import products from multiple sources, transform products based on rules and conditions and export them to multiple channels like eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, shopping feeds, price comparison websites etc.

What we can do for you

WiseXML can help you with:

  • Selling more by listing your products in various sales channels - see our integrations list
  • Adding more products to your eCommerce store from 3rd party suppliers - see our list of connected suppliers

If you are a manufacturer, merchant or supplier, we can make your data feed available to publishers to help you attract customers. With WiseXML you control data and filter products your partners receive from you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how WiseXML can be useful for your business.

What we can not do for you
  • We do not sell any products or carry any responsibility for products delivered by integrated suppliers. If you want to do a drop-shipping business with one of our integrated suppliers - you have to contact them first and discuss their conditions.
  • Our specialization is product feed automation and management. We do not provide marketing or design services. If you need help with Magento commerce, our colleagues from creationlabs.eu would be happy to help you.